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University Oncology Clinic and Laboratory of Oncology
School of Medicine University of Thessaly

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The University of Thessaly is represented by the University Oncology Clinic (UOC) of PGNL, which consists of Department of Internal Patients (capacity 26 beds), the Day Hospital Unit (50-55 beds) and from the Outpatient Unit providing, thus a complete range of management of the oncological patient from diagnosis and treatment to end-stage patient support. The UOK welcomes approximately 1500 newly diagnosed patients with all types of cancer on an annual basis. Furthermore, UOK has developed a Clinical Trials Unit with separate medical, nursing and secretarial staff that supports international multicenter and national studies.

The Oncology Research Laboratory, School of Health Sciences, Department of Medicine, University of Thessaly, is fully equipped to support research focused on immunology (cell cultures, microscopes, flow cytometry, ELISA and ELISpot system). It’s interests are focused on:

1) the study of micrometastatic disease and, particularly, the detection and characterization of circulating cancer cells in the blood using various techniques,

2) molecular oncology and, especially, in determining the circulation ctDNA, in the detection of driver mutations and in expression of genes associated to therapy response and research/development predictive/prognostic biomarkers,

3) immunology of cancer with emphasis on mechanisms of immunosurveillance and immunosuppression, in development of predictive biomarkers for immunotherapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors, the role of exosomes in the regulation of the immune response and in cancer vaccines and finally

4) bank of biological samples (tissues and plasma) from patients with selected types of cancer, which are taken after consent of patients according to the rules of ethics, for research purposes in collaboration with the Pathological-Anatomical Laboratory.

SafeBlood BioAnalytica

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BIOTECH COMMERCIAL APPLIANCES – RESEARCH S.A. (SBbio) was created the 2011 from the merger and evolution of the SafeBlood companies Biotechnology Suppliers A.E and BioAnalytica A.E.. Both SafeBlood, and even more so BioAnalytica were leading companies in promoting products and applications in the field of modern Biotechnology, a fact that continues to occur and to be reinforced.

The company has ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13245:2003 and certificate DY8/1348/04, while participates to numerous and successful research programs in collaboration with Universities, Research Agencies and Scientists, the company has organized and active Research and Development department.

Through the numerous applications of new technologies they have tested by SBbio’s research and development department recent innovations in the field of genomics stand out analysis of inherited diseases (Clinical Exome and Whole Exome), as well as in the diagnosis of solid tumors and of hematological malignancies (Solid Tumor Solution and Myeloid Solution) in collaboration with the Diagnostic Laboratory GENOTYPOS SCIENCE LABS and the validated platform bioinformatics analysis Sophia DDM® Analytics by SOPHIA GENETICS S.A..

The company has a modern laboratory genetic sequencing equipment such as NGS Illumina analyzers; MiSeq® and NextSeq®, automatic isolation system multi-sample genetic material (QIASYMPHONY-SP®), automated NGS library generation robotic system (HAMILTON-STAR®), a special molecular separation analyzer sizes QIAxcel Advanced System®, special vacuum centrifuge, suitable thermal cyclers, etc., while the innovative ones technologies she has tested have already won her over trust of health service providers not only in Greece but also abroad


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The Academy’s Biomedical Research Foundation of Athens (IIBEAA) is the most modern research center in Greece, which started its research activities in 2004. The fundamental principle on the which IIVEAA was created is the combination of basic research with clinical research, who offers the ideal basis for the immediate utilization of results of basic biological research in medicine applications, i.e. for the development of the so-called “translational research”. The IIVEAA is the only center in Greece and one of first European centers of Translational Research.

THE main objective of IIVEAA is to achieve Excellence in biomedical sciences through employment and collaboration of researchers who conduct advanced basic and translational research, as well as through training young scientists in whom all the possibilities it can provide are offered a very active scientific environment.

The research activities of IIVEAA are supported from modern building facilities and laboratories infrastructures. All the necessary equipment for advanced biomedical research is available including among other DNA microarrays, analytes Flow cytometry, laser microtome, pharmacotechnologyw, biological imaging unit (bioimaging), transgenic laboratory animal unit, histology and bioinformatics units.

IIVEAA is also equipped with the most modern unit proteomic and genomic analysis. The Greek Genomics Center (donation of the Stavros Foundation Niarchos and Eugenias Theoharis) is unique to Greek site and is equipped with DNA sequencers new generation and with a state-of-the-art system supercomputers for its storage and analysis genome of cancer patients, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases neurodegenerative diseases etc. and modeling physiological and pathophysiological processes.

The Foundation has a highly organized unit laboratory that houses 25,000 mice in separate ventilated cages as well as other animal models. The experimental surgery unit is a model unit supporting any type of surgery intervention and is also equipped with a special synchronous small animal positron tomography unit for service to the researchers of IIBEAA and the whole of it Greece. Veterinary supervision is also provided to daily basis, and has already received accreditation from the responsible European and National Committees and bears ISO 9001:2008 certification.

A 6-bed day clinic operates at IIVEAA specialized in cardiovascular, metabolic, hematological and cancer diseases and is supported by necessary medical equipment and specialized staff, including a clinical unit positron tomography (PET-CT), unit echocardiography, cardiorespiratory unit and of exercising stress etc. It should be pointed out that the variety of research support units has recently boosted by the growth of the following infrastructure:

a) Hellenic National Biobank for the collection and tissue, fluid and surgical specimen storage. THE this infrastructure has officially joined the European BBMRI Biobank Research Infrastructure Consortium as a full member of “BBMRI-GR”.

b) The Infrastructure of Greek Translational Medicine (EATRIS-GR), which started its activities in cooperation with the neighboring hospital “Sotiria” developing a 36-bed clinical unit for clinics Phase I trials and for pharmaceutical bioequivalence studies (e.g. evaluation of generics drugs).


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The KAAK Department of Immunology (along with other departments from laboratory and clinical Department of the Hospital “Agios Savvas”) staff the “G. Papanikolaou” Research Center for the purpose of all kinds of scientific research on cancer (basic, applied or other) and related biological, medical, and other problems (Government Gazette 875/ 11-4-2013, Y4a/278).

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